Kverneland Group Les Landes Génusson

Kverneland Group Les Landes Génusson

At Kverneland Group Les Landes Génusson, around 85 employees develop and produce stubble and seedbed cultivators, disc harrows, compact disc harrows and strip tillers. In 2010 the company finished a restructuring process of the complete factory, especially of the assembly lines, including an alignment of the product range.

The full program has been renewed over the last 6 years. Last year, we introduced our Strip Tiller machine called Kultistrip, and this year we introduced the Kultistrip Fold and the Qualidisc Farmer Trailed. And now, the new large trailed cultivator called Turbo are in full production.

The factory has a long history going back to 1948. Today’s strong partnership with Kverneland Group Klepp and its laboratory specialised in the heat treatment of steel offers all the benefits and experience of plough production for the production of tines and coulters for the cultivators which are ready to comply with the toughest requirements.


Contact Us:

Phone: +33 251 64 1300

Facts about Kverneland Group Les Landes Génusson S.A.S. (2015)

Centre of excellence for harrows and cultivators

Location: Les Landes Génusson, France
No. of employees: 85
Covered surface: 13.500 m²
No. of suppliers: 75

Product range:

  • Stubble Cultivators
  • Disc harrows
  • Compact disc
  • Subsoilers
  • S-tine harrows
  • Strip tillers
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