Extra 100 Series – the fuel-efficient, plain disc mower from Vicon

Three new plain disc mowers for the 2013 season

With many farmers seeking greater fuel efficiency when mowing, Vicon has introduced three new plain disc mowers for the 2013 season that deliver outstanding cutting quality from a low power requirement.

Badged the Extra 117, Extra 122 and Extra 124, the new entry-level plain disc mowers offer working widths of 1.7m, 2.2m and 2.4m respectively, and replace the CM1700, CM2200 and CM2400 models.

The new 100 Series benefits from a fully-welded cutting bed design that uses the extremely successful three-bladed cutting disc that delivers impressive cutting quality and encourages faster regrowth from grass stubbles.

Fabricated from two C-channels welded together for increased rigidity, the mower bed also offers increased oil capacity to deliver cooler running and much more efficient lubrication, which adds to durability.

Each disc’s hub and gear assembly is bolted in through the top of the bed, with intermediate gears slid into place via removable access plates at each end of the mower bed.

All three mowers feature a highly effective spring-loaded break-away system to provide protection against in-field obstacles, while hydraulic headland lift enables the mower to be raised without having to move the tractor link arms.

In addition, the 100 Series uses vertical folding to give a compact, neat transport solution.

All these design improvements add up to a lower power requirement, with the Extra 100 Series needing a tractor of just 50hp to operate, reflecting the fuel efficiency available.

As part of Vicon’s engineering developments, every mower bed produced is pressure tested and run up to full operating speed to ensure that the machine operates exactly as it is designed to.

In addition, noise testing is carried out to ensure it meets the company’s own tough standards for low noise levels, and this is achieved with a revised gear cutting process that ensures Vicon disc mowers are now quieter than ever.

During each test, every mower bed is also checked to ensure it does not need an excessive amount of power to operate, confirming low frictional losses.

On completion of testing, every mower bed is given its own serial number, allowing any failures to be traced back to component supply and manufacture.

This is all part of parent company Kverneland Group’s commitment to reinvest in production techniques and manufacturing facilities to raise quality standards even higher. Vicon’s Extra 100 Series plain disc mowers also come with a two-year warranty package.