Kverneland 9472 Hydro

The new centre swath rake Kverneland 9472 C Hydro Re-Sets the Standard.

Kverneland unveils its new centre swath rake the 9472C Hydro.  It comes with a new hydraulic adjustment of the main frame for easy lifting and lowering of the machine. This allows the new 9472 C Hydro to provide a transport height as low as 3.45m, even without removing the tine arms. Add in features such as adjustable working width, TerraLink Quattro ground contour followings and heavy duty carrier frame design and the result is low maintenance, higher productivity and maximum operation comfort.

The new 9472 C Hydro is fitted with hydraulically operated axles on the main frame in order to lift and lower the machine during transport and operation. This feature significantly reduces transport height by 45 cm, allowing a transport height as low as 3.45m. And this is even without detaching the tine arms.

All main functions of the 9472 C Hydro are operated from the tractor cab with a new electro hydraulic control terminal. In addition to lifting and lowering the main frame the compact handheld terminal also controls functions such as lifting and lowering of the two rotors. It is also possible to pre-select lift activation of the rotor units (left/right/both) via the terminal. Kverneland is the only manufacturer offering such an integrated solution.

The 9472 C Hydro produces a nice even swath from a raking with of up to 7.20m. The rake offer hydraulically adjustable working width from 6.20 right up to 7.20m, enabling varying swath width from 1.20 to 1.90m. This ensures a perfect match to any kind of harvesting machine with narrow or wide pick ups.

The 9472 Hydro is fitted with the Kverneland TerraLink Quattro wheel system for superb ground contour followings. This system controls the rotor in 3 dimensions, with a unique combination of undercarriage with 4 wheels and a specially designed rotor suspension system. The wheels are positioned very close to the tines for maximum and accurate adaptation allowing the driver to maximize driving speed but still with a clean and loss free raking performance. Soil contamination of the raked grass is also minimized.